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About Us

Within a short span of time after its establishment, Finger Print Playschool in Patna has created exceptional standards in the field of child development and education. It is striving to reach every child’s heart and be a pioneer in child pedagogy.

Our experts dedicate their time in researching various modes of teaching that are apt for children. Our child centric methodology ensures step by step development of a child. We know that the first few years are the developmental years in a child’s growth. Therefore it is essential to choose a preschool that understands the tantrums of the formative years of a child’s life. We believe that each and every child has a unique talent and give our best to bring them out. To bring out the capability in each child is our motto. Keeping this in mind, we endeavor to create the best possible learning atmosphere for our students so that they in turn realize their capability and come out with them. Our trained teachers look after the children who come away from their parents.

We make your child ready for the next big thing – school. We don’t just give formal learning but also prepare the children for changes that they would encounter in course of their life. They recognize and then work upon those changes. As a preschool we know that students should learn how to share and collaborate. Apart from studies, good behavior, interaction, inter personal and intrapersonal skills are the essential pillars on which a kid’s future stands. We instill habits like eating on their own, drinking on their own, talking to others and so on. At Finger Print, children learn to be self reliant so that do not have to depend on others for the simplest things.

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