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Great Activities for Kids

Our child development and education experts make sure that every child learns and grows in the most appropriate manner.

We have a wide range of activities that range from Playschool, Nursery, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten. Fine motor activities, large motor activities, monthly themes, formal work, rhymes, conversation sessions/ story sessions, creativity, picture talks and computer skills are the various activities that help in a child’s development. Playgroup gives an assortment of activities to individual or groups of kids where they explore exciting themes in the classroom. They are also involved in school readiness activities such as pre reading, pre writing, alphabet, number recognition, opposites, colors, introduction to shapes, art and craft, cooking activities, scientific experiences and mouse manipulation. In Nursery, the children prove their learning by collaborative activities in drama, science and arts. Now they learn more of numbers, rote counting, alphabet and all other things that they had started learning in Playschool.

In addition to activities that are apt for junior and senior Kindergarten, we help them master simple mathematical calculations, ascending & descending order, concept of ordinal numbers, simple phrases and sentences, 3 letter words, writing upper and lower case in English and days of the week. Besides these curricula, class work and homework are also allotted to the students from Nursery. Our unique pedagogy motivates a child in nurturing his potency. We believe that if a child is unique and has potential then he just needs a stepping stone to realize it. If children start learning from early years then they get the picture of joyful learning. The different kinds of activities that enlarge a child’s potential uniqueness are:

Fine Motor Activities asd

Small motor skills that help in developing problem solving skill, thinking skill, reading and writing skills are called fine motor activities. A very important segment of these activities are the imaginative and free play that helps in growing up without involving parents, coaches or battery oriented devices.

Large Motor Activities

Large motor activities involve walking, bending, running, jumping and maintaining balance. These motor activities are those depending on which fine motor skills develop. Through movement and performance they help a child to understand himself or herself and discern his or her surroundings.

Story Sessions

These sessions are a step towards smart pedagogy. Children listen and recite stories on their own. Moral stories help them in the perception of right and wrong, good and bad. Reciting empowers them with a strong imaginative power along with memory.


Making a child understand his or her creative skill is a giant step towards his or her mental development. We inculcate interest in art & craft, enquire about cooking experience and let the students detect scientific involvement in their everyday life.

Picture Talks

This is the most interesting practice that involves an individual child or a group of children introduced to several pictures. Visual judgment and discussion help in the emergence of new ideas and concepts.

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